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    Additional FAQs


    Prior to submitting a contact request, kindly review the additional FAQs listed below.

    What happens after my license expires?

    After the license expires, you will retain full access to the plugin, but you will be unable to receive updates or support until the license is renewed. Licenses are renewed automatically each year to give you continued access to updates. You may also opt-out from auto-renewals in favor of manual control from your online account and request cancellation of your subscription at any given time.

    How to get support after my purchase?

    Use the contact form at the top of this page to send your requests and questions. We will try to answer all support requests within a couple of days. If your request is an add-on feature, we will add it to the plugin wish list and consider implementing it in the next major version. Plus, item support includes:

    • 1 year of support from the author.
    • Availability to answer questions.
    • Assistance with reported bugs and issues.
    • Help with included 3rd party assets.
    • Future updates.

    Item support DOES NOT include:

    • Customizations and installations.
    Where is my plugin license code?

    You will receive the license code after you complete your purchase on the Purchase Confirmation page, and we will also send you an email with the license code. You can also access and get your license code after you log into your account.

    Do you offer additional support/customization?

    Yes, you can get in touch with us by using the contact form at the top of this page and sending us your request.

    How to get regular updates for my plugin?

    If you have a valid license, you will receive update notifications, similar to any other plugin on your site. Additionally, you can always log in to your account and download the latest plugin files.