A comprehensive guide to the Media Explorer

In the realm of WordPress media management, having a comprehensive toolset to recover, restore, and backup media files is indispensable. Our plugin’s Media Explorer, enhanced with an Info Bar and Custom Icons, offers users a powerful solution to seamlessly navigate and manage their media assets. Let’s dive into the functionalities and benefits of this feature-rich tool.

Info Bar Overview

The Info Bar provides users with at-a-glance insights into their media library status. It displays essential metrics, including the number of files found in the library, oversized files, hidden files, selected files for recovery, and the remaining files available for recovery. Additionally, it offers pagination details, informing users about their current page position and the total number of files across all pages.

Custom Icons for Enhanced Clarity

Custom icons within the Media Explorer interface offer visual cues to aid users in understanding the status of their media files. These icons serve distinct purposes:

  1. Files already recovered or found on the server and in the database.
  2. Files not found in the database and available for recovery.
  3. Files selected for recovery and not found in the database.
  4. Files that exceed specified limits under Options and cannot be recovered.

Streamlined Recovery Process

Our plugin ensures a seamless recovery process without uploading or overwriting any media on the server. By adhering to user selections configured under Options, the Media Explorer displays files based on specific criteria, facilitating efficient recovery operations. Users can simply click on any media item within the explorer to mark it for recovery, simplifying the restoration process.

Comprehensive Media Management Tool

With the Media Explorer, users gain access to a versatile tool that enables recovery, restoration, and backup of any media from the /uploads folder. Whether faced with a database failure or reset, this tool equips users with the capabilities to swiftly recover their valuable media assets, ensuring continuity and data integrity for their WordPress sites.

By providing insightful metrics, visual cues, and streamlined recovery processes, this feature-rich tool empowers users to efficiently navigate, recover, and safeguard their media assets. Embrace the power of the Media Explorer and elevate your media management experience in WordPress today.