Advanced search, quick recovery filters, and background processing

To empower users with enhanced functionality, our plugin introduces a revamped Media Explorer side navigation bar, featuring advanced search capabilities, quick recovery options, and background processing. Let’s explore how these innovative features elevate your media management workflow.

Advanced Search Mode

Navigate through your media library with precision using the new Search Mode. Enter specific keywords to filter media items, facilitating quick access to relevant files for recovery. This intuitive search functionality streamlines your media exploration process, saving valuable time and effort.

Quick Recovery Options

Incorporating Quick Mode functionality, our plugin offers expedited recovery solutions for lost or corrupted media files. Enable Infinite Scroll to effortlessly browse through all items on a single page, enhancing accessibility and convenience. Utilize the Hide Existing Media feature to focus solely on files requiring recovery, minimizing distractions, and optimizing efficiency. With the ability to Select All items for recovery on the current page, restoring media assets has never been more seamless.

Flexible Display and Density Modes

Tailor your media viewing experience to suit your preferences with Display Mode options. Choose between List and Gallery views, adapting the layout to your workflow requirements. Adjust Density Mode settings to switch between Default, Comfortable, and Compact layouts, optimizing screen real estate without compromising usability.

Customizable Pagination and Sorting

Personalize your media browsing experience with customizable pagination and sorting options. Select the desired number of Items Per Page to manage content density effectively. Sort media items by Name, Type, Size, or Date Created, facilitating intuitive navigation and retrieval of files.

Effortless Background Processing

Introducing Background Mode functionality, our plugin simplifies the recovery process for existing media files. Initiate a background process to recover all media files from selected folders under Options, freeing up your time for other tasks. With auto background processing powered by WP-Cron, ensure seamless recovery operations without user intervention, enhancing workflow efficiency and reliability.

In conclusion, our plugin’s enhanced Media Explorer side navigation bar revolutionizes media management in WordPress. From advanced search capabilities and quick recovery options to flexible display modes and background processing, these innovative features empower users with unparalleled control and efficiency.

Elevate your media management workflow today and unlock the full potential of your WordPress site with our plugin’s advanced functionalities.