How to install the plugin in WordPress?

Installing the plugin via WordPress is the preferred way since it is much easier to follow and doesn’t require any additional software. However, if you don’t have permission to upload plugins via the WP Admin area, then you need to use the alternative and install the plugin via FTP or SFTP.

Once you download the media-library-recovery-pro.zip file after your purchase from your account, log in to your WP Admin area and go to Plugins > Add New from the menu. You can then click on the “Upload Plugin” button, select the archive file, and install it.

Once the plugin installation is successful, you need to activate it by clicking on the “Activate” link.

If you already have the free version installed, either deactivate it or it will be deactivated automatically. You cannot have both versions active at the same time.

To access the plugin, you can either go to Media > Media Recovery sub-menu in your WP Admin.