How to use the plugin custom options?

We’ll dive into custom options that empower you to transcend these boundaries and tailor our plugin media management experience according to your specific needs.

File Size Limit

By default, the plugin has a 4MB file size limit on uploads. However, for those dealing with larger files, this can be restrictive. Fear not, for you can effortlessly overwrite this limit, extending it to a maximum of 10MB. This ensures that your platform accommodates larger media files without hindrance.

File Recovery Limit

In scenarios where accidental deletions or file corruptions occur, the default file recovery limit of 5 might prove insufficient. Take control by customizing this limit per request, granting you the flexibility to retrieve files as needed, ensuring data integrity and peace of mind.

Uploads Folder Path

The default uploads folder path in WordPress is wp-content/uploads. However, for organizational or security purposes, you might prefer an alternative location. With our plugin flexibility, you can seamlessly alter the uploads folder path to better suit your requirements, enhancing file management efficiency.

Media Explorer Folders

Navigate through your media library with precision by tailoring the folders displayed in the media explorer. Whether segregating files by project, department, or any other criteria, this customization ensures streamlined access to relevant media assets, enhancing workflow efficiency.

Media Types Supported

Empower your media library by handpicking supported file types displayed in the media explorer. Whether it’s images, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, or archives, selectively enabling these formats ensures that your media library remains clutter-free while accommodating diverse content requirements.

Multisite Compatibility

For WordPress multisite installations, managing media files across various sites can be a daunting task. With multisite support, seamlessly scan media folder structures, facilitating centralized media management across your network.

Use shortcuts like Ctrl, Shift, or Cmd keys to select multiple media types or explored folders, enhancing efficiency further.

By adjusting file size limits, recovery options, folder paths, and media explorer settings, you can tailor our plugin to suit your unique needs. Whether you’re a content creator, developer, or site administrator, unlocking these advanced features empowers you to wield plugin capabilities to its fullest potential.